Methacholine Challenge Test Safety

This presentation reviews the universal safety precautions that should be followed during a methacholine challenge test, as well as reviewing COVID-19 specific safety recommendations

Nebulizer Characterization

Technical Bulletin, nebulizer characterization for the methacholine challenge test

About Provocholine


What is Provocholine?

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What is Provocholine?

Provocholine is the only FDA approved methacholine chloride for the diagnosis of bronchial hyperresponsiveness. A negative methacholine challenge test can essentially rule out asthma.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the answers to the common questions about Provocholine and the methacholine challenge test.

Educational Resources

Online Courses

Free online training courses that can earn you up to three CRCE credits.

Mixing Visuals

Training videos and dilution aids created to assist with the preparation of the three most common dosing protocols.


Links to both international and country specific guidelines that include bronchial challenge testing.


Searchable list with links to the most relevant and recent publications on methacholine challenge testing.