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Clinical studies have suggested that about 30% of patients did not have asthma when objectively assessed.1

Bronchoprovocation testing with methacholine can help to rule out a diagnosis of current asthma.

Methapharm is offering Three Self-Study Training Modules

AARC Members may earn a total of 4.0 hours of CRCE credits

These courses were designed to assist with the implementation of the methacholine challenge test. They also provide a “ready to use” QA program for those currently providing the services.

Testing Locator
Methapharm has created an online map tool that will allow you to find the locations closest to you offering the methacholine challenge test using Provocholine.

About Provocholine

What is Provocholine?

Provocholine is the only FDA approved methacholine chloride for the diagnosis of bronchial hyperresponsiveness. A negative methacholine challenge test can essentially rule out asthma.


Here are the answers to the common questions about Provocholine and the methacholine challenge test.

Online Training Courses

Taking the Provocholine Challenge

An in-depth slideshow that will help you to better understand the test. Covering the purpose, equipment, preparation, administration & interpretation.

Reconstituting Provocholine for Methacholine Challenge Testing

These training videos will take you step by step, through the process of reconstituting Provocholine.

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