New Partnership to Offer Ready-To-Use Sterile Methacholine Solution Kits

Methapharm is excited to announce a new collaboration with Nephron Pharmaceuticals to offer methacholine chloride inhalation solution as a sterile, time-saving premixed kit in the United States.

Nephron is now offering ready-to-use single patient methacholine kits that can be stored at room temperature for up to one year. Nephron has over 20 years of sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing experience.  Their 503B Outsourcing facility uses industry-leading technology to deliver sterile, high quality pharmaceutical products. This ensures that testing facilities can continue to rely on a quality product for their bronchoprovocation testing needs.

Provocholine® is the only FDA-approved methacholine chloride powder for human use. Methapharm, the manufacturer of Provocholine, is committed to meet the needs of our pulmonary testing partners so that patients receive optimal care. In response to the evolving use of the methacholine challenge test recommended in the 2017 ERS Technical Standard, Methapharm initiated a comprehensive nebulizer characterization study to support the recommendation of PD20 as a clinical endpoint. This was published in a technical bulletin earlier this year.

For more information please contact Nephron Pharmaceuticals.