Reimbursement Information for Methacholine Challenge Testing



Product Reimbursement

Each vial of Provocholine contains 100 mg of methacholine chloride

J-7674 – One unit for each mg of methacholine chloride delivered to the patient
J7674-JW – One unit for each mg of methacholine chloride discarded

Procedure Codes

95070 – One unit for administering the methacholine
94070 – One unit which covers the multiple spirometric determinations included in the bronchospasm evaluation


If you used a 100 mg vial of Provocholine for one patient, you would bill for 100 units combined under the J-code and JW-code.  If you place 43 mg of methacholine in the nebulizer over the course of a test, you would bill for 43 units under the J-code and the remaining 57 units under the JW-code.